Mon compte Insta coup cœur du moment #1

My current favorite Insta account #1

Loubastidon's cocoon 

When we start crafting, our taste for “handmade” grows day by day. Sensitive to all the creators who design their products in a small corner of their home, I also like those who take on equally impressive challenges: renovating a house .

In total admiration

Starting from nothing, a ruin, or a few walls and in two, three years, or more, creating a place, a universe, a cocoon in which we would not mind staying for a while. Having experienced a somewhat “testing” period of work last year, I have been all the more touched since! I therefore cannot hide my admiration for the people behind the Instagram accounts dedicated to this type of project. There is one that has particularly caught my attention recently, that of Lou Bastidon (Manon). His story immediately touched me for the simple reason that my little brother is a winemaker. And the story that she tells us, throughout her posts, is that of an old wine cellar in Gard purchased a few years ago and which is now their small family home.

Cozy and Mediterranean spirit

Looking at the photos posted on July 27 , the initial project really started from a few walls! When we see the result now, the living space they managed to create commands respect. Both cozy, refined and with delicate Mediterranean touches, the interior space reveals an authentic universe combining the modern with the ancient. The exposed stones leave me speechless. I particularly appreciate the way Manon goes from “wide” shots like when she posts a photo of her entire living room to more “tight” shots to show us little cute things. I am thinking in particular of his focus on sofa legs. As the other would say, these little things that make all the difference... And that's without mentioning his subtle way of showing us a little of his intimacy. My favorite example? Her child's little head just above the edge of the bathtub in her "It's bath time" ad.

The little extras

Of course, beyond the account feed, there are a whole bunch of “little extras” that speak to me! If you have been following me for some time, you are aware of my adoration for flowers, so when I immerse myself in the “Flower Therapy” offered by Manon, you can imagine that I just want to ask for more ! Loyal to the brands they use to decorate their interiors, of course they don't hesitate to slip in a few references here and there to also give us some good little ideas. I am seduced by his desire to make us “participate” in the improvement of his living spaces with his featured tab “This or that” which invites us, his followers to give our opinion on bedroom themes, pool house or more simply… on a choice of chairs. Finally, more classic, but still effective, the "before/after", posted in publication or in stories, which remind us how this project got there and continues to evolve, again, again and again, for the greatest pleasure from our eyes.

In short, you will have understood, Loubastidon is my current favorite, in fact I could write about him again and again, but the best thing is to go and see his account. No partnership in this article, I assure you, just my way of taking you with me into these little worlds that make me dream.

It’s this way ➡️

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