L'Amour en couleurs

Love in colors

Flowers have invaded the gardens, the sun's rays shine through the windows of houses and the sweet fruits are increasingly delighting our taste buds. There is no doubt that spring has set in and summer is just around the corner. It is therefore high time to officially unveil my new spring-summer collection. And if I had to describe it in one word it would be... Love.

Cliché some will say. Perhaps, but on condition that we consider Love with a capital L, Love in all its globality, Love for my husband, already, for my children, obviously, but also for everything that revolves around this word so dear to me and so precious in this sometimes graying world. Love is by far my first source of inspiration and if you regularly follow my creations, you have surely come across my “ Crazy in love ” vase, dedication to the singer Beyonce, my “ C’est Marseille baby ” mug as a reference to my husband's love for OM or, more simply, to all the little names I give to my objects. The Angela teapot , the most beautiful reference to my beloved grandmother, the Queen Margot and Queen ML cups, winks for my precious friends, my Gigi Vase , or how to honor my cousin's Love for her ball of loved hair. And then my little secret at the moment is that I listen to “ L’Amour ”, Disiz’s latest album, on repeat. It also accompanied my long hours of work filming and refining this new summer series that I am happy to share with you.

The perfect outfit

This collection that I am presenting to you today is therefore the reflection of Love, as you understood, but also and above all of an outfit. Yes, yes, you are not dreaming, the pieces that you will discover in this spring-summer collection all stem from a real crush on an ensemble from the Sessùn brand that I discovered while browsing their Instagram account. Sky blue pants went perfectly with a little sweater with Terra Cotta details. I found the perfect combination, subtle and above all… inspiring! This is how blue appeared in some of my latest works. A new challenge for me and some great discoveries right out of the oven! As evidenced by the L’Amour plate to shop here , or the vases to discover here and there

But above all I had fun uniting, as in the clothing duo, the sky blue with my beloved terra cotta, once again very present. The combination is perfect and allows me to revisit some of my emblematic pieces like the QUEEN ML BLUE.

New parts

But this collection is not only made from the insertion of a new color, it also presents supports that I had never made before like a cake dish, already tested and approved (see this publication (insert publication of June 2) and the pretty cake that does it proud!), an “all-purpose” dish, as practical for placing fruit on it as for enjoying a salad or even for slipping in pretty flowers. It is also to my beloved florist @lesjoliesfeuilleslestudio (that I owe the idea of ​​this creation. Faithful to my desire to meet the expectations of my buyers as much as possible), I do not hesitate to make pieces on which I then draw inspiration from to complete my different collections. In the same spirit, this is how the wedding ring holder was born that you can personalize for weddings or the one with a golden heart, imagined as part of a wedding ring. competition All the pieces present in this new collection can therefore evolve according to each person's desires, my moods and my discoveries.

And There you go

I could go on for hours talking to you about all these new things (because there are anecdotes), I could also tell you about my failures (and yes too, sometimes), about my wish to always recycle what doesn't work (because our little planet is precious so let's preserve it), of all the Love that I take to create, imagine, refine, attempt, assemble, enamell, bake (in short all the essential steps to all that) but today, I'm not here for that but to invite you to go see this new collection which hides other very nice surprises! I look forward to having your feedback, your impressions and your advice which is so precious and enriching to me.

So I'll stop there... well not quite, I have one last secret, just for you... I already have tons of ideas for the Fall/Winter collection so don't forget... stay tuned s!

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