J'ai testé... Le bain sonore à l'Hôtel Hoy

I tested... The sound bath at the Hoy Hotel

Hello, I wanted to announce a new section on my blog and which you will also find in my newsletter.

Always on the lookout for new experiences, of life, cultural, culinary, sporting and so on, I decided to share with you these little discoveries that you might also like. If they help me a lot in my work and are often a source of inspiration, I am sure that they will bring you just as much in your fields.

I tested... The sound bath at the Hoy Hotel

The concept, which has been in vogue for some time, is particularly attractive for its zen and relaxing approach. As soon as I arrived, I was touched by the zen atmosphere given off by the place. Accompanied to one of the hotel rooms, I was invited to lie down quietly in this dedicated space. As a preamble, a little mediation of around ten minutes allowed me to let go and feel good on the mats and the blanket provided (everything is planned to ensure your comfort). Once well installed, the practitioner began to emit sound effects with crystal bowls in the shape of bells that she tinkled with a mallet. The waves of the bowls give a particular vibratory dimension to the whole body and you really let yourself be carried away. I had a feeling of “flying” above my body. Even though the duration was quite short – one hour – I really felt an inner serenity.

You will like it if...

Taking time for yourself is one of your 2023 resolutions (and if not, I strongly invite you to do so)

You want to try something different to help relieve some pressure... and your brain.

You are looking for a relaxation method that is a little different

Doing “nothing” is complicated for you and yet you feel the need!

I particularly recommend...

For the zen and soothing atmosphere of the place

The possibility of having a little sweet treat before

The intimate side of the small group (there were 5 of us)

The originality of spending this moment in a hotel room, not common

The price ; 28 euros, rather low average for a sound massage (count 30 euros for 1 hour).

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